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For 40 years Widmyer has offered the most efficient, enjoyable, and the most reasonably priced State of Maryland MVA certified programs.

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Here is a sample of our upcoming dates for Driver Education (new driver) classes.

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                   ALLEGANY COUNTY                                          WASHINGTON COUNTY   

         Cumberland                   5/15   5:30PM               Hagerstown Main           5/1     6PM

         Frostburg University    6/12    9AM                    South H.S.                        5/15   4PM  

         Cumberland                   6/19    5:30PM              Williamsport                    6/5     9AM

         Cumberland                   7/10    9AM                    Hagerstown Main           6/5     9AM

                                                                                           Hagerstown Main           6/12   6PM


                  FREDERICK COUNTY                                           WICOMICO COUNTY

        Frederick                            5/15     6PM              Salisbury                 6/5     5:30PM

        Frederick                             6/5      6PM              Salisbury                  6/19        9AM

        Frederick                             6/19    1PM              


                  GARRETT COUNTY                                                 CALVERT COUNTY

       Northern  H.S.                       6/5   Day Class         Prince Frederick     5/15     5:30PM

       Frostburgh University         6/12        9AM

       Garrett College-Oakland    6/19        9AM                    

       Garrett College-McHenry   7/10    5:30PM     

       Garrett College-McHenry   7/31        9AM                  


  Click here Driver Education for more information, to view class dates or register.


Click here Driver Improvement for more information, to view class dates or register.

(13 locations-can usually be completed within 24-48 hours by special appointment at most location-please check)


Widmyer offers;

*Quality driver safety programs across all of Maryland for over 37 years. Mr. Widmyer is a leader in the driver education industry with an extensive educational background in driver safety education. We suggest that you ask others about our reputation.

*Most reasonable prices.

*Licensed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to provide Driver Education.

*Online or in-person Maryland approved Driver Improvement Class(DIP)

*Maryland approved Young Driver Improvement Program (1 of 4 statewide providers)

*11 statewide locations

 *33 experienced and friendly instructors-many of them are teachers or former law enforcement personnel.

* Safe and Sober Program for international license holders

*Regularly maintained and State inspected (annually) vehicles equipped with dual brakes and dual mirrors

*A fully staffed office open 50 hours per week and until noon on Saturday.

Widmyer knows that you would rather talk to a live person instead of interacting with a machine; we do not take a leisurely attitude toward helping our students.

*Complete information on all programs is available on this web site. Please see the menu on the left. If you still have questions, please email office@widmyer.com

Please Drive Gently!