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We understand that students are often inconvenienced by course requirements, so we aim to make the experience as student friendly as possible!  Widmyer offers efficient, enjoyable, and the most reasonably priced Driver Ed and Driver Improvement Program.

Here is a sample of our upcoming dates for Driver Education (new driver) classes. There may be more class dates listed under Driver Education.  



                   ALLEGANY COUNTY                                       WASHINGTON COUNTY   

                  Cumberland 10/31     5:30 PM                Hagerstown (Main)       11/7   6 PM   

                  Christmas Break Class 12/22               South High                       11/9   4 PM

                                                                                        Williamsport                   11/28 3:45 PM  

                                                                                        Christmas Break Class    12/23  6 PM


                   FREDERICK COUNTY                                   WICOMICO COUNTY  

                   Frederick    11/7     6PM                            Salisbury    11/7      5:30PM

                   Frederick    12/5     6PM                            Christmas Break Class    12/19                                                Christmas Break Class 12/22               



                  GARRETT COUNTY                                      CALVERT COUNTY                             

              Garrett College Armory   11/7    6PM       Prince Frederick   Nov.  TBD

              Northern HS School         11/28  3:30PM                




Click here Driver Education for more information, to view class dates or register.


Click here Driver Improvement for more information, to view class dates or register.

(13 locations-can usually be completed within24-48 hours by special appointment)


Widmyer offers;

*Quality driver safety programs across all of Maryland for over 37 years. Mr. Widmyer is a leader in the driver education industry with an extensive educational background in driver safety education. We suggest that you ask others about our reputation.

*Most reasonable prices.

*Licensed by the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) to provide Driver Education.

*Online or in-person Maryland approved Driver Improvement Class(DIP)

*Maryland approved Young Driver Improvement Program (1 of 4 statewide providers)

*11 statewide locations

 *33 experienced and friendly instructors-many of them are teachers or former law enforcement personnel.

* Safe and Sober Program for international license holders

*Regularly maintained and State inspected (annually) vehicles equipped with dual brakes and dual mirrors

*A fully staffed office open 50 hours per week and until noon on Saturday.

Widmyer knows that you would rather talk to a live person instead of interacting with a machine; we do not take a leisurely attitude toward helping our students.

*Complete information on all programs is available on this web site. Please see the menu on the left. If you still have questions, please email office@widmyer.com

Please Drive Gently!